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Keeping You On The Move With Expert Automotive Maintenance & Repair


Collective Expertise: Our staff collectively offer vehicle knowledge & experience only found in large scale garages. Plus, we subscribe to many industry online networks giving us access to experts around the world to help us diagnose your vehicle problems. We also regularly update diagnostic tools used by staff to keep us right up to date.




I know, every garage says they are honest. We truly understand that in a small town your shop reputation is everything, so we will only suggest what we believe is best for your vehicle.




This is hard to achieve in a regulatory age where we aren’t allowed to take the customers to the back to show them what’s going on under the car like we used to. So, our approach is digital inspections which include photos and video of your vehicle so you can see for yourself why suggested repairs are required. We are building extensive diagnostic and repair records using modern shop management record systems so we can re-visit past history when required.




We will try our absolute best to accommodate your needs in a timely manner. This can be challenging in a busy shop and we approach scheduling similar to a surgical floor of a hospital! We will do our best to manage your expectations so you know when you can expect your vehicle to be ready. We use modern technology to communicate with our clients.


We are now providing this cutting-edge service to our clients, offering quality, professional vehicle inspections. Result reports are sent to our customer using text or email. Not only do they include photos or video displaying issues identified, but also include diagrams or explainer videos to better help customers understand why the repairs are important!


There is not very much we don’t do when it comes to fixing light duty cars and trucks. The list is quite long. If you don’t see a service you need on the list, give us a call anyhow… if we don’t do it, we can suggest who can!

For a list of available services, click on the “Services” button at the top of the page.



To provide fair and transparent auto repair and maintenance services, all the while working to provide an excellent customer experience. We believe vehicle maintenance should be a team approach between the customer and the shop that handles it. You won’t want to take your vehicle anywhere else.


  • Automotive Service and Repair Financing (OAC)

    This is something that is quite unique in this industry. We have partnered with a finance company so our customers have the opportunity to spread out vehicle repair costs over several months. For some folks, this really makes a difference! Hopefully, this opportunity will prevent customers from putting off vehicle repairs they don’t have the cash for today. There are several finance options but the program we love the best is the 3 month, no interest option. That’s right NO INTEREST to the customer! We actually absorb the interest on the loan. The customer only pays a small monthly processing fee. The repair invoice is paid off over three months.

    To be eligible the customer must provide some personal details regarding income and allow the finance company to pull a credit bureau. This is all done through a form the customer fills out on our website which goes directly to the finance company. The response regarding the financing approval is instant. We will take it from there to help you with the final steps to complete the process!

  • Should I consider Synthetic Motor Oil?

    There are many advantages to using synthetic oil. Your engine will thank you for it! Synthetic offers high levels of performance and protection and has fewer impurities which allows you to go longer in between oil changes.

    Conventional oil has been known to build up a sludge which can reduce your engine life. Synthetic oil resists this from happening, therefore helps to improve engine lifespan. During the winter months, synthetic oil performs better because it doesn’t thicken and settle like conventional oil tends to. When the weather is really hot outside, conventional oil can begin to break down causing engine wear. Synthetic oil resists this effect as well. Synthetic oil does cost more up front, but since you can go longer between oil changes, over time this extra cost is offset. This will mean less trips to the shop!

  • My vehicle is on warranty, so that means I have to take it to the dealership for the maintenance. Is this true?

    No, you do not have to take it to the dealership for servicing when your vehicle is on warranty. This is a common mis-conception. You must follow the maintenance scheduled laid out by the manufacturer and have the vehicle serviced by an Automotive Service Professional and accurately documented. We can take care of this for you! Warranty repairs should be done promptly by the appropriate repair facility.

  • Why You Need a Good Battery for Reliable Cold Weather Starting?

    A good battery is essential for reliable starting, especially during cold weather because cold weather increases the cranking load on the battery. Oil gets thicker at low temperatures so it takes more amps to crank a cold engine when you try to start it. At -20 degrees C, the number of cranking amps it takes to start a cold engine may increase as much as 2X. At -27 degrees C, it can take 3X or more amps to crank the engine depending on the viscosity of the oil in the crankcase. The thicker the oil, the harder is it to crank the engine.

    At the same time, cold temperatures also sap the battery’s ability to supply amps. At 0 degrees C, most batteries can only deliver about 65% of their normal cranking amps. At -20 degrees, battery power is cut in half!

    Warning: Do NOT attempt to recharge your battery if it has run down and the liquid inside is frozen. This may cause the battery to explode! Remove the battery and take it inside so it can thaw before recharging or testing it.

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