Lacombe Auto Service Centre is AMA Approved
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Lacombe Auto Service Centre is AMA Approved

Some of you may already be aware that Lacombe Auto Service Centre recently became an AMA Approved Auto Repair Service (AARS) shop. For our customers that are members, this is great news! For starters it means some savings on their bill when they visit our shop and produce their AMA card when paying us. Everyone likes to save money! There is some added protection for them as well. Let’s discuss the added value AMA members now get when using an Approved Shop such as ours:

  1. The repair work is backed with a one-year, 20,000 km Canada-wide warranty on most parts and services.
  2. If AMA members have any questions or concerns with the service we provided, AMA will send out a Licensed Technician to investigate and mediate. This free arbitration gives members peace of mind in a case when they don’t fully understand the service we provided and want a second opinion. We welcome this third party arbitration because we strive for 100% customer trust and satisfaction in the quality of work we provide.

If you aren’t an AMA member, you may want to be! Becoming a member entitles you to discounts at over 165,000 partner locations! You also get roadside assistance including towing to our shop!

We would need to start a whole new website to talk about ALL the details included with the different levels of AMA Memberships and the add-ons you can invest in. It is probably better for you to check out the AMA website yourself!

We look forward to this partnership with AMA and we expect our customers who are AMA members will be thrilled to learn of this development!

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